We value a true partnership approach to help you build your vision, drive strong business growth, and give you peace of mind.


You’ve reached the point where you simply cannot grow your business anymore by being the only one in charge.

Imagine how it would feel to HAVE your daily business activities organized and under control, to HAVE all the nitty-gritty details and busy work of managing your projects, operations, team members, and metrics handled?

How fast could you scale your business if you had a true business partner running all the daily work in your corner?

In case you’d like to better understand what our clients were experiencing when they reached out to partner with us, here is what they shared.

  • I have the business vision but need help mapping out all the details to put the vision into action.
  • I feel so stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. I’m caught in all the details of my business. I’m caught putting out fires every day. I’m spinning my wheels, I feel stuck and unsure about my next move.
  • I have grown my business to the point where managing it all on my own is causing me to miss important deadlines and opportunities, forget appointments, unable to provide good customer followup, etc.
  • I need help finding more time in my business. I need help creating a better way to do business.
  • I know that I need a team but don’t even know how to get started. Or I already have a team, but I am not happy with their performance and I do not have the time to manage them.
  • I really struggle with identifying and delegating work for my team.

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then let’s get started!


Coevolving Solutions was started from the fundamental belief that partnering with successful mission-driven visionaries, entrepreneurs, and small business owners shines and manifests more goodness into the world. You started your business to help others. We started our business to help and support you. We are passionate about helping you more efficiently and effectively manage your daily (behind the scenes) busy-ness work.

We offer the expertise that allows you to:

  • step away from the backend of the business and focus your time and energy on connecting and working directly with your clients.
  • feel more grounded in your business foundation and capable of achieving more.
  • have more clarity in how you and your business best serve your clients.

Coevolving Solutions is here to empower you, to free you, to help you nourish that special je ne sais quoi sauce that only you can offer clients through your business, and help you make time for yourself to rest, relax, and connect with friends and family by offering you the best business operations partnership possible. Ready to dive in? Great! Let’s get started and book your call now

Hi there! I’m Aleyda K. Mejia and strategic business operations is my superpower! I thrive when taking ownership of the inner workings of a business, all those moving pieces. Through trust and a deep understanding of your vision, my goal is to be your right-hand person delivering tangible business results that move your business forward.

As Founder + CEO of Coevolving Solutions, I can juggle without the struggle.

My background in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Online Business Management certification serve as a basic foundation for my professional passions. I’ve had the opportunity to experience diverse industries in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and leadership roles that led to valuable global projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Luckily, my personal love of travel and culture also led me to explore a few countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is so important and meaningful to me because I was fortunate to be raised by immigrant parents who were also humble entrepreneurs and who modeled discipline, hard work, and risk-taking from an early age.


Our clients hire us to:

  • Evaluate and fine-tune business operations;
  • Provide clarity and assess the practicality and reasonableness of the business growth plan;
  • Build and manage the core business team;
  • Launch programs, courses, or products;
  • Manage one-time special projects;
  • Manage daily business operations and team;
  • Translate high-level business concepts and vision into actionable steps and tasks;
  • Standardize and document processes and procedures;
  • Research business markets and segments;
  • Design or streamline the virtual office.

Taking the next step and booking a call will put you on a path to scaling your business and that is exciting. Let’s get started!


Let’s discuss your unique business needs and the ways we may be able to help you right now.